• Floyd, Clayton, or John

September 15, 2020

He said to them, “All too well you reject the commandment of God,

that you may keep your tradition.” Mark 7:9

The message of the cross NEVER changes. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the same as it has always been. It does NOT need to be “updated,” “refreshed,” nor “reinvented.” There is no other name under heaven given unto men whereby we must be saved, than the name of Jesus.

Having said that that does not mean that the method of sharing the Gospel can change. There are thousands of ways that we can get the Gospel message out into the world. Leawood is currently doing many knew things to share the Gospel. There are, however, some churches that are dying because they are stuck in “traditions.”

People often argue over things like: which translation of the Bible is the best; when is the best time for church services; what is the best style of music; etc. We forget that the most important thing is to follow Christ. We MUST be careful to separate our “traditions” from the Truth of God’s Word.

It is a sad thing to witness when a group of people would rather hold on to their tradition than hold on to the Lord. I read about a church who split because they got into an argument about which foot Jesus washed first. The new church was called Left Foot Baptist Church. Beloved, may we always follow the Lord and NOT tradition.

- Pray for school children

- Pray for Medical Workers

- Pray for the Morning Center

- Pray for the Sick


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