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September 3, 2020

September 3, 2020 Mark 2:1-2

When He entered Capernaum again after some days, it was reported that He was at home. So many people gathered together that there was no more room, not even in the doorway, and He was speaking the message to them. Mark 2:1-2

Think of the most famous and well-known speaker that you can think of. Imagine what would happen if that person were to come and speak in town. It might be hard to imagine, us living in Memphis, an arena or auditorium or even a church building in the city not big enough to hold all the people who might want to come and hear that person speak. But, how hard do you think it would be to get everyone into this person‘s home or front yard if they were to try to give a speech from their house. That would change things drastically, wouldn’t it? This is the case with Jesus returning home and the people of the city finding out about it.

So, now, imagine if you will, the sanctuary at Leawood being so filled on Sunday mornings that we have to put out folding chairs at the ends of the pews in the aisles and have congregation members sitting in the choir loft because there’s not enough room in the pews. I’m saying imagine this without the issue of social distancing. Even all the way down the side walkways in the balcony. All these people trying to get into the house – of the Lord with there barely being enough room for all trying to get in to hear the message from God. Hard to picture you say? This is the Leawood that I personally remember from my junior high and high school days. Almost 2000 people trying to get into one church service on Sunday morning! Needless to say, there is an “electricity” and an expectancy in the air in a situation like that.

Wouldn’t it be glorious if all it took for that to happen again was people to find out that “Jesus” was in the room? Well, He is. Each Sunday morning, if we are in the right mindset, we believe that the pastor of the church is bringing a personal word from God Himself in those moments. This is the message that we need to get out in the highways and byways and most assuredly the neighborhoods surrounding our church. We can begin to pray that the bags we passed out during Saturate Memphis, will be seeds that take root and bring people in. Maybe in our lifetime we’ll see the auditorium packed again - so much so, that people won’t hardly be able to get into the door!

· Pray that people will watch the “Jesus Movie” from their visitation packet and begin to want more of who this man is and what His word says.

· Pray that we will be ready for a harvest at Leawood.

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